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Welcome!  My name is Margaret, and this is my blog about about living and working in Patagonia.

Let me explain: after graduating from college, I knew I wanted to live abroad in Latin America, and here I am: I work as an English and Environmental Education teacher, contracted by WorldTeach, employed by the Fundación Patagonia Sur.  For the full story, read my first post (which also explains the title).

I live in a little office/apartment in Palena, Chile, population approximately 1,500.  I cannot buy bread without running into students who call out “Hola Tía!” from their doorway.  I like teaching a lot but I am not sure I want to be an English teacher forever.  I love cooking on my wood stove and I miss peanut butter something terrible.  On the whole, I love working on my Spanish, though sometimes the process is maddeningly slow.  I love my family and my New England roots, and yet I am trying out life in the Southern Hemisphere for awhile.  My blog jumps around between all of these themes, mostly chronicling life as an American, post-liberal-arts, fledgling grown-up… who is also learning how to chop firewood.  I try to post at least once a week.



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