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Quotes of the week

Thursday, November 24, 2011

“My father is an astrounaunt.”  Miguel, one of my 6th graders, in response to the question, “What is your father’s job?” at the English Olympics on Tuesday.  Despite his stellar grammar (judge’s didn’t take off points for his sense of humor), we merely tied with neighboring town Futaleufú, 229 points to 229, and then Futa won in a tie-breaker.

“That’s when someone is walking around and you tell them to go back to their seat.”  First grader Hantz’s translation of “Sit down.”  This week, I am doing the same English test with all the 1st and 2nd graders that I did in March, to quantify how much they have learned.  “Yellow” is still the easiest color, and of pencil, notebook, scissors, and glue, the word most students have missed is pencil, which I would have thought is the easiest.

“That one doesn’t count because you never taught it to us.  Never.”  Facundo, another first grader, when asked the meaning of “Good afternoon.”  It’s true, we always had class in the morning so I’ve never said “Good afternoon to them.

“That makes your hands look even more beautiful, sweetie.”  Miriam, store owner, when I showed her my nails after painting them with the nail polish she gave me as a gift.

You can have the mate cup and straw from the office.”  Melissa, my foundation colleague and dear friend, in response to my wonderings about where to buy mate parafenalia before leaving.

“I want to speak English like you when I’m a senior.”  Natalia, an 8th grade student on the Olympic team, to Edgardo, the high school senior that helped out this semester.

“Starting November 28, there will only be school in the morning.”  One of the administrators made this announcement in a teacher’s meeting yesterday — this means that the last 8 days of school are only half days.

“Guys, Santa Claus is watching us and if we don’t behave we won’t get anything for Christmas.”  Paulita, 1st grader, in reference to the image of Santa Claus on the wall.

“Dear Santa Claus, how are you in september I got in an accident and broke my nose I want a playstation for christmas this year I’ve behaved so-so bye Franco”  Franco, 2nd grader, in a letter (in Spanish) to Santa Claus.

“The beginning and the end are the loneliest times.”  My mom, regarding my year here.

“That means it’s time to go.”  Hantz’s translation of “Goodbye.”

Hantz, March

Hantz, November

Facundo, March

Facundo, November

4 Comments leave one →
  1. David Russell permalink
    Thursday, November 24, 2011 7:28 pm

    I like the new device of quotes–also the March and November pixs!

  2. Thursday, November 24, 2011 7:33 pm

    Thanks, Dad!

  3. sally johnson permalink
    Tuesday, November 29, 2011 5:04 pm

    the beginning and the end ARE the loneliest times. wise woman, your Mom! you made it in the beginning, and you will make it as well in the end. soak it all up! love, Sally

  4. Tuesday, November 29, 2011 8:25 pm

    Thanks for your encouragement!

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