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“Oh my god” and other Chilean vocabulary

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I remember once in Mexico my host mother asked me, “Quieres un drink?”  I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about, because I was looking for “drink” in my mental Spanish dictionary — I didn’t recognize it as an English word.  I haven’t heard anyone use “drink” here, but there are plenty of English words and phrases that get thrown around in Palena all the time – and may or may not have the same meaning as in American English.

Oh my god!” or “Oh my gosh!” — (I’ve heard this used by girly teachers as well as a fourth grade boy in elation as he was observing a worm in science class).

“El weón seguía hablando y hablando, era como too much.” — This guy just kept talking and talking, it was just too much.

“Yo estuve con el grupo loser, asi como freak.” — I was with the loser group, as in, freaks.

“Que heavy.” — How intense/heavy/awful/surprising (could be positive or negative situation).

“Ella estaba aprendida, asi como on fire.”  — She was turned on, as in, on fire (this means drunk, dancing, wild).

“Palena es como un reality.” — Palena is like a reality TV show.

“Si, me gusta, es como mi hobby” — Yeah, I like it, it’s like my hobby.

“El papá de la Margaret tiene un stent” — Margaret’s father has a stent (notice how the article “la” is used for names; this is very common in Chile, more so for women’s names).

“Cuál es tu mail?” — What’s your email?

“Anoche chateamos en facebook.” — Last night we talked on facebook (pronunciation in Spanish: “faybuk”, with barely any “k”).

“Me gusta su look, es muy sexy.” — I like her look, it’s very sexy (According to Cosmo in Argentina, there’s a lot of English vocabulary used in the bedroom).

“Tengo mucho calor.”  “Andas con panty?” — “I’m overheating.”  “Are you wearing long underwear?” (Before you figure out that “panty” doesn’t mean women’s underwear, this sure sounds strange.)

“Tranquilo, Talkán, no rompes su panty!” — Calm down, Talkán [dog], don’t rip her tights!

“Talkán, sit!” — Talkán, sit! (Yes, this couple has trained their dog with English commands).

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