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What I bought in Esquel

Monday, September 5, 2011






A = Palena, B = Esquel

Note: Esquel is a small Argentine city two and a half hours from Palena, and much closer than anywhere in Chile for restaurants, nightlife, shopping, etc.  I did run into several students (one adult and two elementary), though!

(Left to right, back to front).

1. Laundry detergent (much cheaper).

2. Cosmopolitan, Argentine edition (I didn’t know how much I wanted this until I saw it on a newstand).

3. Neutrogena facewash.

4. Olive oil (cheaper & readily available — sometimes runs out in Palena).

5. Dark chocolate.

6. Brown rice.

7. Kinder Bueno Chocolate (the hazelnut-cream filled ones I first tried in France).

8. Nature Valley granola bars (not something I really eat that much in the US, but the thought of something so American and so known was very appealing, especially given that the food I’d most like to bring back — vegis, cheese — can’t cross the border).

9. Corn flour (Sometimes I wish it was true that all of Latin American ate tacos and chile peppers as the stereotype goes, because I seriously miss Mexican food here.  The plan is to make tortillas sometime, add black beans, spicy vegis, cheese, guacamole, cilantro, etc.)

10. Soy Milanesa (that’s the breaded steak thing, served with fried eggs on top, that Argentinians go crazy for.  It was so-so, kind of a bready texture, but lots of protien, the first fake meat I’ve had in six months, and only six ingredients :water, soy flour, wheat flour, leaving, salt, oregano)

11. Nail polish & hair clips (I so dearly miss feeling pretty.  When I couldn’t decide between the two shades, I bought both.  I painted myself the bright red one last night, and have been delicate with the firewood since.  We’ll see how many days it lasts).

12. Fresh pasta: 4 Cheese & Spinach-Ricotta Ravioli (another treat unavailable in Palena, notorious in Argentina!  We had the spinach+ricotta for lunch today — yes.

13. Nice Dove soap.

14. Strong whitening toothpaste.

Also this is what I came home to.  Too bad I’d forgotten to bring in enough wood on Friday, so I had to get dressed and go outside to bring some in before I could start a fire Sunday.


Coming soon: dancing pics from Esquel, thoughts on the Chile student protests (taking place in a far-away country), and does living outside of your country just confuse your soul (Neruda says yes, I say, well, it’s complicated).





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