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You know you live in Palena when…

Saturday, August 27, 2011

1. Every time you see this ad on , you think the guy is drinking mate.



2. You rush to buy produce on Friday nights (hey, cilantro sold out in two hours yesterday!).

3. When you wake up to rain in the night, you think, “Did I cover up my wood in the shed with a tarp?  I hope I brought in enough wood yesterday and got it drying Lincoln-logs style so that starting a fire tomorrow won’t be too bad.”

4. When the police drive by, you look to see if it is one of your English students, particularly one of the guys who dropped out in May and you’d like to court back for your new beginner’s class.

5. If you’ve invited people over at 9, around 8:30 you start cleaning up, and at 9:15 settle into reading something online without even feeling anxious.

6. “You know that white house, on the road before the hill, on the right?”  You do.

7. Half of your laundry is long-underwear.

8. When you feel hungry at noon, it’s time for a snack, not lunch — unheard of before 1 PM.

9. You aren’t surprised when you are called blond and your name is consistently spelled Margareth (I think this is due to tendency not to pronounce last letters in Chilean Spanish, so you need two consonants at the end if you’re going to hear one.   I wonder if a similar logic is at play with a student who has a first name “Williams”, and the s is never pronounced).

10. You experience cravings for Chilean junk food:

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  1. David Russell permalink
    Sunday, August 28, 2011 6:18 am

    I guess I don’t live there. I was 0 for 10!


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